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Student Code of Conduct


1. I am here by choice.


2. I am here to learn, to achieve, to aquire an appreciation for the arts, and the      

    discipline imparted by the study of dance.


3. My dress to and from the Academy will include cover up garments.


4. Before entering the classroom, my hair and attire will meet the requirements of     the dress code. I understand that t-shirts, sweatsuits, costumes and swimwear       are inappropriate attire for dance class. I understand that large jewelry and

    chewing gum are not permitted in the classroom.


5. I will respect the rights of others at all times.



Class Observation: It is our belief that students work more pro- ductively when not being observed. Teachers need students’ attention without distraction to teach effectively. Parents and friends are asked to watch on designated parent weeks when chairs are set up for this purpose. There will be one observation period this year.


Note: The Academy maintains proper safeguards at all times but makes no representation either expressed or implied regarding physical capabilities of any student. Regular attendance is a must. Each student is important to the progress of the whole class. Interest is kept where there is progress and development. Irregular attendance slows both.  

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