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Kristi White Boles - Director                            A Word from Kristi


B.S. Dance Education

Trained in Royal Academy of Dancing Syllabus

Director of the Dance Arts Ensemble

Certified with Dance Masters of America



Abbie Wicker

- Trained at A.D.A. for 13 years

- Member of A.D.A. Ensemble for 9 years

- Education major at Tennessee Wesleyan

Audrey Faso


- Nurse at UT Medical Center

- Trained at ADA for 12 Years

- Soloist for the Academy of Dance Arts Ensemble



Blair pic.jpg

Blair Patterson

- Dancing since age 3, competitively since age 6

- Trained at ADA for 10 years

- Member of ETSU Dance Team for 4 years

- Minor in Dance and Performing Arts

Ashley Rice 


- BA in Elementary Education, Florida Gulf Coast University

- Master's Degree in Curriculum & Instruction, Emphasis in        

   Reading, Grand Canyon University

- Student of dance for 15 years

- Taught elementary-aged interpretive dance for two years

- Member of church dance team for three years

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